Lunch menu

Starter for everyone

For dipping: carrots and rye chips with a summery dip (L) (G on request)

Main course options (choose one)

  1. Pike patty seasoned with cold smoked salmon, mashed potatoes, lemon sour cream and vegetable salad (L,G)
  2. Ship’s meatballs (beef) with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and vegetable salad (L) (G on request)
  3. Green pea patty, beetroot goat cheese balls, herb sour cream, mashed potatoes, and vegetable salad (L,G) (Vegan version on request)
  4. Chicken salad: herb oil seasoned chicken fillet with Provence salad, lemon vinaigrette, bell peppers, melon, toasted sunflower seeds, croutons (L) (G on request).
  5. Veggie salad: Provence salad with lemon vinaigrette, mozzarella, cucumber, bell peppers, melon, toasted sunflower seeds, croutons (L) (Gluten free or vegan version on request)


Coffee or tea with a small sweet (L) (G on request)


Adults 12,50€

children 6,50€

Toddlers 5€

Please book your food in advance by email: