Day at the Alahovi Berry Wine Farm

Come and spend a marvellous and palatable day at a wine farm by Lake Kallavesi! Enjoy a selection of wines and foods at the restaurant or explore the island and take in the beautiful scenery.

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm is located on the island of Vaajasalo. We offer an “Alahovi cruise” package that includes the cruises from Kuopio harbour to the island and back, a delicious meal on our ships, and wine tasting at the berry wine farm.

Available only for the grops over 15 persons 1.6.-22.6.2023


12.00Cruise from Passenger harbour to the Alahovi Berry Wine Farm, lunch onboard.
13.30Arrival in the berry wine farm
14.00Wine tasting
14.30Introduction to the berry wine production
15.30Cruise back to the harbour
16.00Arrival in the harbour


38 € adults
19 € children 5–17 years

Reservations: or gsm +358 440 266330